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Fuel Pump Detail

Fuel pump is a technical term in the auto parts industry. It is one of the basic components of the fuel injection system of EFI vehicles. The function is to suck fuel out of the fuel tank, pressurize it and deliver it to the fuel supply pipe, and cooperate with the fuel pressure regulator to establish a certain fuel pressure.


The fuel pump delivers high pressure fuel to the fuel distribution pipe to ensure a continuous supply of fuel to the injectors.

The fuel pump operates during start-up and engine operation. If the engine is stopped and the ignition switch is still ON, the HFM-SFI control module shuts off power to the fuel pump to avoid accidental ignition.

The fuel pump is located inside the vehicle fuel tank


The fuel pump consists of electric motor, pressure limiter, check valve. The electric motor actually works in the fuel inside the fuel pump housing, don't worry because there is nothing inside the housing that can be ignited, the fuel lubricates and cools the fuel motor, there is a check valve at the outlet, the pressure limiter is located at the pressure side of the fuel pump housing with a passage to the inlet.

Working principle

When the rotor disk rotates, the roller is pressed outward by centrifugal force, like a rotating oil seal, the rotor rotates, the pump works, draws fuel from the inlet and presses fuel from the outlet into the fuel system, when the pump is turned off, the check valve at the outlet closes to prevent fuel from flowing back to the tank through the fuel pump, the fuel line pressure maintained by the check valve is called "residual pressure The fuel line pressure maintained by the check valve is called "residual pressure".

The maximum pumping pressure of the fuel pump depends on the pressure limiter standard. If the fuel pump pressure exceeds the predetermined pressure limit, the pressure limiter will open the bypass to allow fuel to flow back to the fuel pump inlet.