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Precautions during the production of membrane switches

Membrane switch manufacturers are always concerned about the production of membrane switches in the process of production, only then can they solve the problems in time, so as to avoid the waste of materials and delay the delivery date. So, what should membrane switch manufacturers pay attention to in the production? Let's find out below.

Membrane switch

What matters should be noted during the production of membrane switches

1, the film appearance is not dirty, sometimes the liquid and the machine track roller may cause the film appearance stains, which will affect the quality of the sun plate.

2, the set of questions: positioning points and corner lines, the plate label is not complete, each film is not a strict set of Qi, in addition, because of the film extraction, and the accuracy of the phototypesetting machine error questions, after the monochrome version and once out of the version is not strictly set of Qi, all the film must be output together, otherwise it may not be panning color.

    3, to know the useful scale of their own planning, the request of the film, such as positive, positive, negative, negative (membrane switch circuit and the front and back of the print to extra correction), and the request of the network and dot shape. If the spell large version, the direction of the spell is not accurate.

4, font questions, the fonts used need to be equipped with the output base, if you use a remote font, be sure to turn the curve.

5, the content is not a fault, which usually contains the font has no messy code, graphics is not color separation, there is no static line, the film is not scratched, etc..

    These are the membrane switch in the production process to pay attention to the problem, there is a need to order membrane switch manufacturers can contact us, we rely on quality service and high-quality products have won the praise of the community, we look forward to working with you.