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New thinking and new technology for deep sludge dewatering

        Sludge disposal should follow the principles of reduction, stabilization, harmless, sewage treatment plants to storage (i.e., not treatment and disposal) for the purpose of transporting sludge out of the border, must be dewatered to a moisture content of 50% or less. To local conditions, promote the comprehensive use of existing industrial kilns (power plant boilers, cement kilns, etc.) through landfills, incineration, building materials, a total of disposal methods to improve the rate of harmless disposal of sludge.

  We are exploring deep sludge dewatering in theory and practice, with a view to promoting the development of deep sludge dewatering. According to the various opinions of the industry wise men and women on the existing sludge deep dewatering, a new process and technology is explored to lay a good foundation for the harmless and resourcefulness of sludge.

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  This technology is applicable to the dewatering of urban domestic wastewater sludge with a water content of about 80% and industrial wastewater sludge.

  1、Sludge conditioning system: including organic pharmaceutical dosing device, inorganic pharmaceutical dosing device, mixing conditioning device; 2、Feeding and filtering system: including diaphragm filter press, feeding pump, feeding pressure control device, filtrate storage tank; 3、Diaphragm press system: including high pressure pump, storage tank, feeding pressure control device; 4、Compressed air system: including air compressor, large storage tank, small storage tank; 5、Automatic Control system: including the control of the above systems.

  Process characteristics: 1, agent formula features: non-toxic and harmless agents, high efficiency of sludge dewatering, obvious reduction, sterilization and deodorization, laying a good foundation for the resourceization of sludge: (1), environmentally friendly: dewatered mud cake PH = 7, and biodegradable, high calorific value of combustion; (2), dewatering block: compared with the PAM linear molecular chain, has a dendritic three-dimensional structure, stronger zeta potential and adsorption bridging capacity, flocculation firm pressure resistance, small filtration specific resistance, high efficiency of sludge dewatering, each filtration cycle only takes 2 hours and 20 minutes; (3), sludge reduction is obvious: the water content of mud cake after dewatering is 45%-48%, and the increment of dry mud is lower than 40% of the existing pharmaceutical formula; (4), harmless: the main pharmaceutical has excellent function of sterilization and algae disinfection and deodorization, and the auxiliary pharmaceutical is completely non-toxic and harmless, which is a good soil conditioner; for The final disposal of sludge, whether for combustion, building materials, fertilizer, etc., has laid a good foundation. 2. The filter press adopts high-pressure diaphragm press supporting equipment is scientific and reasonable energy-saving, lower than the energy consumption of the existing process by 15%. 3. Comparison between this formula and the existing formula (for urban domestic sludge dewatering).